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Congratulations to the Winners!

2015 August 25
by admin

Congratulations to the winners of our 18th Anniversary Raffle!

Stop by the desk to pick up your prize.


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Local Organizations Sponsor 18th Anniversary Event

2015 August 25
by admin

What a blast last week! If you didn’t stop by the office you missed out. We really enjoyed celebrating our 18th year in practice with so many great patients.

Thank you to everyone that made the event a success!

And a special thank you to Sweet Feed Fine Food and Catering/Paleo-To-Go of Beverly for providing the great-tasting food and to Tricia C. for an entire day of stress-reducing chair massage.

DTEK Sept 2015


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What I’ve Learned Over The Last 18 Years: 18 Life Lessons

2015 August 13
by Dr. Stephen Franson

Can you believe it has been 18 years?! Franson Family Chiropractic

opened its doors at the Beverly Cummings Center in 1997. As we are

celebrating 18 years of loving service to the North Shore Community,

it is the perfect time to share with you the 18 Life Lessons that I have

learned along the way.

Please click the video link below as I unpack the 18 lessons in under

3 minutes. I hope you enjoy each one of these as much as I have.


For more information about Franson Family Chiropractic,

please call or visit us online:


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Beverly Chiropractor Celebrating 18 Years Serving the Community

2015 August 10
by admin

Franson Family Chiropractic is hosting a special anniversary event on August 18th to celebrate our 18 years of serving the community.

We have been privileged to care for thousands in the community and help them achieve their health and wellness goals naturally! This event is our way of giving back and saying thank you.

The anniversary event will have food, raffle, prizes, music, and other fun activities.

In addition to current patients, community members are invited to come celebrate between 7am and 12pm and learn about chiropractic and how it can help relieve pain naturally.

In honor of the past 18 years in practice, Franson Family Chiropractic will have 18 New Patient Exams available at the discounted rate of $18 during the week of the 18th.


Beverly Chiropractor Celebrates 18 Years in the Community

Franson Family Chiropractic opened at 100 Cummings Center, Suite 101D, in Beverly, MA in 1997. Providing corrective chiropractic care to the North Shore region it has grown to be one of the largest wellness clinics in the world. The team at Franson Family Chiropractic is dedicated to providing unsurpassed chiropractic care and educating the community on lifestyle strategies for better health outcomes and more fulfilling lives.

For more information about this free event, please call 978-927-8466 or visit

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5 Steps to Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

2015 June 9
by admin

Low sex drive. Hair loss. Fatigue. Loss of muscle mass. Increased body fat. Mood changes. The pharmaceutical industry found great success with “E.D.” (aka erectile dysfunction) and have now branded the symptoms of low testosterone levels as “Low T”. You’ve seen the ads. Based on the dollars spent on advertising the profit potential must be high.  Rather than treating the symptoms with hormone therapy, why not look at the underlying cause? Often, simple lifestyle changes work better and do not come with the side effects that medication can have. You may be amazed to realize how much you can improve your hormone levels and balance, by changing your lifestyle.

Low testosterone levels is a common issue as men age. Studies have shown that almost 40% of men over the age of 45 have low testosterone levels[1]. But it is too simplistic to just blame on age. Testosterone levels have been in steady decline over the past 30 years. Stress, excess fat, adrenal fatigue, and age play a role. But so do environmental exposures to herbicides in food and phthalates from plastics.

testosterone5 Steps to Increase Your Testosterone:

1. Change your diet. Too much weight around your belly has been associated with low testosterone levels in men as well as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. What you eat has a tremendous impact on your insulin levels and all of the hormone levels in your body. A diet high in refined and processed carbohydrates and sugars will result in insulin resistance. When you remove sugars, flours and refined carbohydrates from your diet, you can improve your insulin sensitivity. When your insulin sensitivity improves, you will lose weight from your belly. For men, naturally your estrogen levels will decrease and your testosterone levels will increase.

  1. Pick up heavy things.Exercise can be more effective than any medication for improving your health and your hormone balance.Strength training is very effective for raising a man’s testosterone level and should be a part of your exercise routine at least 2 days per week. Try to do at least 40 minutes of exercise most days of the week and include a mixture of aerobic and strength-training exercises.
  1. Increase Your Omega-3 Levels.The Omega-3 fats found in fatty fish and flax seed have amazing anti-inflammatory properties and can help lower the production of estrogen in men. In addition, these healthy fats also improve insulin sensitivity. Strive for 1000 to 2000mg of DHA/EPA every day.
  1. Get to bed on time. Research published in theJournal of the American Medical Associationshowed that lack of sleep can greatly reduce a healthy young man’s testosterone levels. That effect is clear after only one week of reduced sleep. Testosterone levels were particularly low between 2 and 10 p.m. on sleep-restricted days. Study participants also reported a decreased sense of wellbeing as their blood testosterone levels dropped.[2] How much sleep your body needs depends on many factors. Most adults generally need between seven and nine hours per night in order to function well and lead a healthy life.
  1. Get adjusted. The nerve system is the master system in your body that controls every cell, tissue, and organ. Including your endocrine system. If there is chronic stress on your nerve system it can alter the function of your hormone balance. Your spine is the suit of armor that protects your nerve system. To have a healthy body you need a healthy nerve system. To have a healthy nerve system you need a healthy spine. Get yours checked by a chiropractor to decrease stress and keep your hormones balanced.

Increasing your exercise levels, improving your sleep habits, getting the nutrients your body needs, and regular visits to your chiropractor will help get your hormones into better balance. All without medication. Start making lifestyle changes today for better energy and quality of life tomorrow.  

[1] American Family Physician (
[2] Journal of the American Medical Association (

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What Is Causing Your Shoulder Pain?

2015 June 2
by admin

It’s not just professional athletes that need to care for their bodies. All week long most people are confined to a desk or spend hours in the car, stressing our bodies. And then we’re upset that the bodies we spent all week weakening can’t respond to the physical demands of our weekend fun.

The Shoulder is a complex joint that consists of 3 different bones, 15 nerves, and 20 different muscles allowing for a wide range of motion. The main joint of the shoulder is connected by a group of 4 muscles and their tendon attachments, called the rotator cuff.

Problems with the rotator cuff include:

  • overuse
  • poor posture from sitting
  • sports injuries
  • dysfunction due to muscle imbalance
  • wear and tear issues leading to fibrotic scar tissue formation, and adhesions.

Symptoms can vary from a slight pain to severe pain and frozen shoulder. Because of the wide range of motion of the shoulder joint, structural alignment is also key to the health of the joint.

But…It’s not always the shoulder. Often pain in the shoulder originates in the neck. Nerves from the neck travel to the muscles and other tissues of the shoulder, arm, and hand. Subluxation can lead to referred pain or cause the muscles in the neck to become tight or weak leading to imbalance and dysfunction in the shoulder joint.

 “Cervical subluxation can lead to premature deterioration of the shoulder joint.”

Studies have shown positive results with chiropractic and shoulder pain. Chiropractors are uniquely trained to analyze and treat all 3 major causes of shoulder pain; nerve irritation, misalignment, and muscular/tendon issues.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior on the court or in the garden, take care of your body like a professional. Don’t let shoulder and neck pain interfere with living the live you want to live.

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Allergy-Free: Another Story

2015 May 26
by admin

In case you thought last week’s story was a rarity, here’s another testimonial about how chiropractic helped alleviate a patient’s allergies:

I am presently starting my 5th year at Franson Family Chiropractic and will continue because of the difference the staff here has made in my life and health. When I first came to Franson Family Chiropractic, I had a sciatic nerve problem (unable to sit for long times, leg pain and aching knees). Now I no longer have any problems with this area thanks to the chiropractic adjustments.

 I was also an allergy sufferer my whole life. I would always get sinus infections and continuously take Allegra and other medications. I was not happy, but thanks again to the chiropractic care, I have not taken any allergy medication for a year now. This past winter, whenever I felt a sinus infection coming on, I would receive the proper adjustment and with my new added knowledge of nutrition, the infection would clear in days without a missed day of work. Oh boy am I happy!

 Franson Family Chiropractic works with you, the patient, to educate you and to make you aware of the healthy benefits a healthy spine can create.
 -Tom D.


As you can see, sometimes freedom from allergies is an unexpected bonus to chiropractic care. Once the body’s nervous system starts to heal, there is no question that you will be healthier and happier. Tom learned first-hand how much chiropractic adjustments improved his health.

When was your last adjustment?

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Allergy-Free: A Story

2015 May 19
by admin

For our third week of May, we’re sharing a story with you.

In her own words, here’s how one of our patients describes her journey with allergies and chiropractic care:

When I started at Franson Chiropractic I was at the end of my rope.

I was on so much medication I could hardly keep track. I had been on allergy medication for half my life, I had three inhalers for asthma and medication for migraines and hormone replacement therapy for 11 years. Not to mention all the over-the-counter medications for indigestion, gas and constipation.

I had changed my diet a hundred times looking for relief and still my weight went up and my energy levels went down. After 4 months at Franson Family Chiropractic, I got off all the hormone therapy completely, Yeah! It has now been 1 year since I started care at Franson Family Chiropractic and I am medication FREE! My energy is way up and I am feeling so much better.

It’s hard to imagine that getting adjustments could help so much where pills had failed miserably, but I am living proof and finally living drug free.
-Mary Ellen F.

Mary Ellen has been a committed patient now for over 10 years, and she’s just as excited to be under chiropractic care now as she was then.

What is your story? Are you a life-long allergy sufferer? Have you had your spine checked?

We’d love to share your success with you!

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Asthma & Your Immune System

2015 May 11
by admin

Think of your immune system as your armed forces. So what do we have in the armed forces? We have the army, navy, air force, and marines – huge bodies of specialists that operate at different levels to protect us. This is what the armed forces do. This is also what your immune system does. And your nervous system is the Pentagon – it acts as the communication network for your armed forces.

The purpose of the immune system is to protect you and help you relate to your environment. It protects and defends the body against infection from disease-producing microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. You can’t separate the immune system and the nerve system, because they work intimately together – just like you can’t separate the digestive system from the nerve system or the cardiovascular system from the nerve system.


Allergies arise when the immune system incorrectly perceives a non-disease producing substance such as pollen, ragweed, shellfish, etc. as a threat, and in turn produces an immune response that ultimately results in some form of symptom.

Common triggers of an allergic reaction include foods likes nuts, eggs, milk, gluten, fruit and vegetables; insect bites from bees or wasps (often with a severe response); environmental factors such as pollen, dust, mold, plants like grass or trees, animal dander; and medications or chemicals can also produce an allergic response.

Nerve endings are found in the tissues of the immune system and research shows a direct connection between the nervous system and the immune system. The central nervous system is linked to both the bone marrow and thymus, where immune system cells are produced and developed, and to the spleen and lymph nodes, where those cells are stored. Researchers have found that inducing an immune response causes nerve cells in the hypothalamus to become more active, and the brain cell activity peaks at precisely the same time that levels of antibodies are at their highest.

So what does this all mean? Stress on your nervous system will have a profound effect on the way your immune system functions. Stress is caused by traumas and lifestyle habits, chemicals and toxins, and even from thoughts and relationships. That is why it is so important to have your nerve system checked by a chiropractor, not only to address allergy symptoms, but more importantly to address your long-term health. Your chiropractor can help you reduce stress on your nerve system and make sure there is nothing interfering with your ability to enjoy life.

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May Flowers Bring… Allergies!

2015 May 5
by admin

Spring is here. Yay!

So is allergy season. Boo!

This is the time of the year when people begin to struggle with seasonal allergies.  Allergies are symptoms or body signals that indicate that your body is not adapting readily and/or appropriately to its external environment.  Exposure to pollen, dust, pet dander, cut grass, dust mites, or mold can set off cascades of symptoms that leave people miserable.  There are many factors that can cause or exacerbate allergy symptoms.  If you are one of those people who struggle every year, here are the top 5 allergy busters.

  1. Drink Plenty Of Water: when our body becomes dehydrated the brain signals the production of Histamine.  This is a chemical involved in the inflammatory process which for us means inflamed mucosal linings of the sinuses, throat, and lungs.  More water = less histamine = less inflammation and mucous.
  2. Reduce/Remove Pro-inflammatory Food: once again, we want to reduce inflammation in the body. One of the best ways to do that is to avoid foods that are pro-inflammatory.  That includes refined carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, white rice, and white sugar.  This also includes dairy, corn products, and grain fed meat products.
  3. Rinse Off: we come in contact with allergens all day long.  They get stuck to our clothes, to our skin, in our hair.  When you get home from work or school, or if you have just been outside for an extended period of time, jump in the shower and rinse off.  Keep the clothes you wore in a separate area away from where you spend the most time (especially where you sleep).
  4. Eat Your Fruits And Veggies: allergies or not, you should be eating plenty of fruit and vegetables anyway, but for those who do suffer with allergies, this will help.  Colorful fruit and vegetables are high in Quercetin. This bioflavonoid is a potent antioxidant and prevents the release of histamine (see #1).  It is nature’s anti-histamine.
  5. GET ADJUSTED: what system is responsible for controlling how we adapt to our external environment? That’s right, the nervous system. If you are already seeing a chiropractor, schedule an extra visit make sure you are subluxation free.  If you don’t regularly see a chiropractor, have your spine checked.  Nerve irritation can not only cause allergy symptoms but prevents your body from functioning properly and expressing health.
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