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Franson Family Chiropractic Fresh Food Drive

2014 November 11
by admin

At Franson Family Chiropractic we want to help families in need but our mission to teach families to get healthier is not being served by collecting and donating processed, lifeless, dead “foods”.  Our team does not feel right giving needy families processed, sugary junk.  Rather than collect the leftovers from the back of your cupboards, we need to start from scratch.

Five years ago we started doing our food drive differently! We partnered with Beverly Bootstraps to deliver a huge stash of fresh, local produce right to local families.  Instead of collecting cans and boxes of processed and preserved “food”, we collect money to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, from places like Cider Hill Farm and Mehaffey Farm or stores like Farmer Brown’s and Something Gud, which we deliver right to the food pantry.

This is much more congruent with how we educate and live, and what a healthy person requires.  And to cap it off, we add recipe collections to ensure that everyone knows how to make the best testing meals with real, whole foods.

 Our goal is to provide families with fresh food for the holidays!


Over the past 5 years we have donated nearly 3,000 pounds of healthy, living, produce for the families in our neighborhoods!  Let’s see how much more we can donate!

As part of our contribution, Franson Family Chiropractic will donate ALL proceeds from every New Patient examination from November 3rd to 26th toward the Food Drive.

Spread the news to your friends and loved ones that they have the opportunity to receive an exceptional examination in our office and donate to an awesome local cause!

This is a great opportunity to make a difference in our community and we encourage you to join this effort to help local families get healthier.

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How to Host A Food Drive This Thanksgiving

2014 November 4

Here’s how we do it:



Here’s how the others do it:

food drive cans

Our goal is to provide families with fresh food for the holidays!

Over the past 5 years we have donated nearly 3,000 pounds of healthy, living, produce for the families in our neighborhoods!  Let’s see how much more we can donate!

Please make a financial donation this November so we can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables to support the Beverly Bootstraps Food Pantry.  As part of our contribution, Franson Family Chiropractic will donate ALL proceeds from every New Patient examination from November 3rd to 26th toward the Food Drive.

Spread the news to your friends and loved ones that they have the opportunity to receive an exceptional examination in our office and donate to an awesome local cause!

This is a great opportunity to make a difference in our community and we encourage you to join this effort to help local families get healthier.

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The Trouble with Antibiotics

2014 October 20
by Dr. Derek E. Gallant

Recently I received an email in my inbox from FRONTLINE. They were advertising a news piece to air called The Trouble with Antibiotics. There’s a lot of debate these days about the frequency at which antibiotics are prescribed, their effectiveness for certain conditions, and whether they are helping us fight bacteria or weakening are nation’s overall health. This FRONTLINE piece dives into another aspect of antibiotic use not often considered in the debate: antibiotic use in farm animals and how that effects the meat consumer. If you missed the original air date, click the clink below to watch.

Here’s the FRONTLINE email:



Each year, some 2 million people in the U.S. are infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria — and at least 23,000 die.

Could the antibiotics we give farm animals be contributing to the growing crisis of antibiotic resistance in people?

Explore the raging debate tonight in The Trouble with Antibiotics – a two-part FRONTLINE that includes an examination of antibiotic use on farms, as well as an exclusive interview with the parents of a young man who died in a nightmare bacteria outbreak that swept through one of the nation’s most prestigious research hospitals.
Don’t miss The Trouble with Antibiotics — a must-watch look at a public health crisis that threatens us all.

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The 33 Chiropractic Principles

2014 October 16
by admin

Chiropractic is Art, Science, and Philosophy, each coming together in order to provide people with the most natural and vitalistic healthcare on the planet.  While the Art of Chiropractic is in the application through adjustments, and the Science of Chiropractic is what gives the Chiropractor the reason for applying the Art, the Philosophy is the foundation of what makes Chiropractic so different and unique from the Medical Model.

The 33 Principles of Chiropractic:

1.   The Major Premise
There is a universal intelligence in all matter, continuously giving to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence, and giving this intelligence its expression.

2.   Cause and Effect
Every effect has causes and every cause has effects.

3.   The Principle of Time
All processes require time.

4.   No Organization without the Effort of Force
Matter can have no organization without the application of force by intelligence.

5.   Universal Expression
Force is manifested as organization in matter; all matter has organization, therefore there is universal intelligence expressed in all matter.

6.   The Triune of Organization
Any organized structure is a triunity having three necessary factors; namely, intelligence, matter and the force which unites them.

7.   The Function of Intelligence
The function of intelligence is to create force.

8.   The Amount of Intelligence in Matter
The amount of intelligence for any given amount of matter is 100%, and is always proportional to its requirements.

9.   The Function of Force
The function of force is to unite intelligence and matter.

10.   The Amount of Force Created by Intelligence
The amount of force created by intelligence is always 100%

11.   The Character of Universal Forces
The forces the universe’s intelligence creates throughout the universe are manifested as physical laws; are unswerving and unadapted, and have no solitude for the structures in which they work.

12.   Interference with the Transmission of Universal Forces
There can be interference with the transmission of universal forces.

13.   The Function of Matter
The function of matter is to express force.

14.   Intelligence in Both Organic and Inorganic Matter
Universal intelligence gives force to both organic and inorganic matter.

15.   Organic Matter
The material of the body of a “living thing” is organized matter.

16.   Innate Intelligence
A living thing has the intelligence of the universe inborn within it, referred to as its innate intelligence.

17.   The Chiropractic Meaning of Life
The expression of this innate intelligence through matter is the chiropractic meaning of “life.”

18.   The Union of Intelligence, Force and Matter (The Triune of Life)
Life is necessarily the union of this intelligence and the matter of a living thing, brought about by the creation of specific internal biological forces.

19.   Evidence of Life
The signs of life (the ability to assimilate, eliminate, grow, reproduce and adapt) are evidence of the intelligence of life.

20.   The Mission of Innate Intelligence
The mission of a living thing’s innate intelligence is to maintain the material of its body in active organization.

21.   The Perfection of the Triune
In order to have 100% life, there must be 100% intelligence, 100% force, and 100% matter.

22.   The Amount of Innate Intelligence
There is 100% of innate intelligence in every living thing, the requisite amount, proportional to its organization.

23.   The Function of Innate Intelligence
The function of a living thing’s innate intelligence is to adapt environmental forces and matter for use in its body, so that all parts of its body will have coordinated action for mutual benefit.

24.   The Principle of Coordination
Coordination is the principle of harmonious interaction among all the parts of an organism, in fulfilling their functions and purposes.

25.   The Limits of Adaptation
A living thing’s innate intelligence adapts forces and matter for use in its body as long as it can do so without breaking a universal law; in other words, its expression is limited by the limitation of matter and time.

26.   The Normality of Innate Intelligence
A living thing’s innate intelligence is always normal, and its function is always normal.

27.   The Character of Internal Biological Forces
The forces a living thing’s innate intelligence creates are never intended to injure or destroy the living thing itself.

28.   Comparison of Environmental and Internal Biological Forces
In order to carry on the universal cycle of life, environmental forces are destructive to a specific living thing, unless it can adapt to them, whereas internal biological forces are constructive to the specific living thing that creates them, unless they suffer interference.

29.   Interference with Transmission of Internal Biological Forces
There can be interference with the transmission of internal biological forces.

30.   The Causes of Dis-ease.
Interference with the transmission of internal biological forces causes incoordination, or dis-ease.

31.   The Conductors of Internal Biological Forces
In animals, some of the forces a living thing’s innate intelligence creates operate through or over its nerve system.

32.   The Law of Demand and Supply
The Law of Demand and Supply operates and is expressed in animal bodies through the functioning of the nerve system; wherein the brain acts as a CPU (Central Processing Unit) for the living thing’s innate intelligence, and wherein the nerves transmit messages from the body to the brain, concerning its needs (demands), and transmit messages from the brain to the body to meet (supply) those needs.

33.   Subluxations
In vertebrates, interference with the transmission of nerve forces in the body is often directly or indirectly due to subluxations in the spinal column.


Contemporary Chiropractic Philosophy: An Introduction. By Dr. David Koch, DC

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Living Inside-Out: A Food Story

2014 October 13
by admin

Have you ever had coconut butter? It’s basically good-for-you frosting: sweet, rich, and satisfying, a perfect topping for fruit and baked treats, and fantastic by the spoonful!

Dr. Derek asked me to write a post this week, and my husband suggested I just extol coconut butter – he likes it far better than the cupcakes from last weekend’s birthday party. And he’s right – it is pretty amazing. But the best part is that it’s a fantastic example of simple, real food that tastes good and provides Inside-Out nutrition.

This month, we’re talking about how to support the body’s innate ability to express health: how to live Inside-Out. We’ve already talked about prescription meds and the flu, and now it’s time for something less technical and totally personal: food.

We all eat food. Most of us love it. And hate it. And love it… It’s complicated, right? And when you’re trying to eat “healthy” food, it gets more complicated, somehow.

I started my Inside-Out eating journey six years ago, and though I’m still learning, I’ve got a couple of tidbits I thought I’d share.

#1:  Try new foods!
Growing up, I hated avocados. As in, despised them. Guacamole was the weirdest food – its appearance and texture were decidedly Not Right for eating. But then some friends talked me into eating them, in slices, with a spicy chili. They were weird, but I got them down. And then. Then I was in the grocery store one day, and a little voice inside said: “I want avocados!” What?!?

But I bought one, and I ate it, and I kinda liked it… And now I enjoy them! They are chock full of healthy fats, and have potassium, magnesium, and Vitamins C and B. I credit them for helping my face change from always bright, angry red and covered in zits to the way it is today. And I still particularly crave them when my skin is unhappy.

Which leads me to tidbit two:

#2:  Listen to your cravings! 
Ok, bear with me here. We all know binge-eating ice cream and potato chips and chocolate isn’t helping your body. But. You have cravings for a reason. Your body knows when it’s missing something, and it’s smart enough to communicate with you. The trick is figuring out what your craving is actually for.

Here’s an example: how many of you crave potato chips? I know I did, like crazy, after I stopped eating gluten. I’d buy a whole bag of them and eat it all in one sitting, because I wanted them so badly. But I knew that all those vegetable oils weren’t good for me. So I asked myself: what am I really craving? Is there something I can make that will meet those cravings without the bad stuff? And I started making homemade French fries, made with healthy oils, and lots of sea salt, and you know something? They satisfied my cravings! Apparently what my body wanted was salt, fats, and carbs. And those I could give it!

In conclusion:

Food is good for you! Sometimes that dish you’ve never tried will become a staple. Tastes can change, and as your body progresses in its Inside-Out journey towards health, you may find those hated Brussels sprouts are actually tasty now.

And when you have food cravings, don’t just dismiss them, or stuff your face with junk food. Talk with one of the doctors, ask good questions, do a little research and try making a healthier version! Don’t just discount what your body is telling you – your body is smart, and sometimes it’s asking you for exactly what you need to have a stronger gut, stronger immune system, and stronger body.

So go ahead: grab a jar of coconut butter, pull out a spoon, and indulge yourself.




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What Is The Benefit of the Flu Shot?

2014 October 6
by Dr. Justin Mariano

flu shot vaccine virus mercury health chiropractor beverly


The above blog post was written by Dr. David Brownstein, a board certified family physician.  Dr. Brownstein researched the effectiveness of the flu vaccine for seniors.  He found that the vaccine offered no benefit for 99.5% of seniors who received it.  For non-seniors the effectiveness was 50%, at best.

Consider the ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine combined with the risk due to exposure to mercury (the third most toxic element known to mankind).  Also consider that your immune system has the amazing ability to fight off infection and disease as long as it is free of interference.

Sickness is due to toxicity or deficiency.  We don’t get sick, we do sick.  What are you going to do differently this flu season to keep your immune system functioning at 100%?

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Are You Living Inside-Out?

2014 October 1
by admin

Inside-Out Month is our opportunity to share with our community the philosophy of Inside-Out Living.

Our world today is in turmoil. Categorically, you can see chaos, confusion, and dysfunction.   Problems of this scale can only result when there is a fundamental issue at the paradigm level. For real lasting change and profound improvement to take place a deep and widespread paradigm shift must take place.

Einstein put it brilliantly when he said:

“The problems of today cannot be solved with the same level of thinking on which they were created.” 


Our world operates in the Outside-In paradigm. People are taught that their problems come from outside of them and that the solutions also come from the outside. The results of this level of thinking have been devastating.

The Wellness Paradigm teaches Inside-Out Living. We recognize that real improvement begins when we start taking responsibility for ourselves, our lifestyle choices, and our health.

During the month of October, show your conviction to the power of congruent living.  Join us in teaching your family, friends, and community:

Problems start from within and the solution lies within.

The Power that made the body heals the body – from the Inside – Out!

inside out dna

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Seventeen Years Ago. This Happened in August 1997.

2014 August 14
by admin

Seventeen years ago…

  • Steve Jobs returns to Apple Computer, Inc at Macworld in Boston
  • Garth Brooks performs a free concert in Central Park NY
  • 185,000 Teamsters union United Parcel Service drivers walk off the job
  • STS 85 (Discovery 23) launches into orbit
  • Jeanne Calment, the oldest person ever, dies at age 122 years 164 days in Arles, France
  • Mariners Randy Johnson strikes out 19 Chicago White Sox
  • Diana, Princess of Wales dies in a car crash in a road tunnel, Paris
  • Atlanta Braves sign Greg Maddux to record 5 year, $575 Million deal
  • South Park’s first episode is aired
  • Be Here Now, the third album from English rock band Oasis, becomes the fastest selling album in UK history
  • NY Yank 3rd baseman Wade Boggs pitches a scoreless inning vs Anaheim
  • Franson Family Chiropractic opens at the Cummings Center

To celebrate our 17th Anniversary we’re having a party on Tuesday, August 19th.  Join us!

In honor of this great achievement and to show our continued commitment to serving the local community, all New Patient Exams from now through August 31st are only $17.



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There will be a party

2014 August 11
by admin

We are celebrating!

August marks 17 years for Franson Family Chiropractic at the Cummings Center.  When Drs. Camilla and Stephen Franson first toured what is now their practice at the Cummings Center the floors were still dirt. Over the past 17 years, Franson Family Chiropractic has become the leader on the North Shore in family chiropractic care.

Come join us on Tuesday, August 19th from 7am to 12pm. We’ll have cake (don’t worry it’s paleo) and refreshments.

In honor of this great achievement and to show our continued commitment to serving the local community, all New Patient Exams from now through August 31st are only $17. Tell your friends or bring them to the party.

Join us in celebrating on the 19th!

dtek image

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Healthy Kids This Year

2014 July 22
by admin

Don’t miss Franson Family Chiropractic’s Healthy Kids seminar on Tuesday, August 5th at 6:45pm in the Cummings Center Community Conference Room – Suite 221E.

Be there to get the answers you’re looking for on how to send outrageously healthy kids back to school this fall. Or submit your questions ahead of time at the front desk.

Please call 978-927-8466 for more information today!

Start Healthy Kids Now


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